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  1. Hiya guys, I was in DL a while back but had to stop gaming for a while due to some 'stuff'. I was active when Planetside 2 first started up! So I am looking forward to playing with you guys again (ill pop in soon). Foamy
  2. Hey guys! Yes I will be on tommorow for a bit! Ill grab mumble. Look forward to playing such an awsome game with you guys! By the way, where can I find the mumble info> cheers
  3. Real name: Russell Carey Gaming name: Foamy Location: England Age: 22 Games played: Every popular game and fps games; battlefield, halo, modern warfare, quake, arma.. all of thems and more Referral: Reffered on PS2 official Forum Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Because I love to contribute to team gameplay and love pulling off coordinated assaults. Im a polite teamplayer who just wants to have fun with some cool people! From browsing around you guys seems alright ;) Cheers
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