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  1. You have Steff and Eggwards vote of approval you shall have mine!
  2. I thought it had gone into OBT already but apparently it's headstart for CBT atm, so I imagine you're right about the 1 week thing. There's also a small group of us who ocassionally play Payday 2 (currently on abit of a break from it). Honestly, if there's a game you want to play multiplayer (excluding MMO's generally), there are guys here who'll play it with you. We go through games like a fat man at a buffet.
  3. Vas I don't want you or anyone to leave. You especially as I know you're going to be a massive pain to the other characters and I (for once) get to sit back and enjoy the carnage
  4. I'd like nothing more than to have you with us Toxic, but we have 6 already (which is already causing me headaches). The only thing I can offer is a 'reserved slot' so to say, if someone drops out. Alternatively If you want to get involved you could come and play all the NPC characters and such.
  5. I'd like if everyone who's signed up could be online on Friday at 7pm. Just for 10-15 minutes to go over everything, agree days / format etc.
  6. Sign-up's are now closed. You will start hearing more towards the end of the week about start dates.
  7. This has been talked about for a while but as we've never had a GM/DM prepared to actually do it, it's never actually happened. So instead of waiting for someone else to volunteer (which given that no one has done so, in over a year, probably wasn't going to happen anyway). I'm going to step up and give it a go. The sessions will be once a week or fortnight depending on what's more agreeable and session length minimum of an hour, maximum of 2 with the idea to try and rap it up at the hour mark. So if you would like to take part please post the following: 1) What evening's you are free? 2) What RPG's you'd want to play, (DnD, GoT, Star Wars, BSG, what ever you can find out there)? 3) Are there any that you DON'T want to play? 4) Would you like pre-built campaigns or homebrew? 5) Would you like it once a fortnight or once a week? 6) What sort of time per session would you prefer (min and max lengths please)? 7) Strict rules or House rules? 8) Starting at level 1 or a couple of levels higher? This will be my first time running anything like this so there will be a fair few bumps along the way and once / IF people sign up it will take me a couple of weeks (3-4 I think!) to plan everything out.
  8. Don't let her in. She's trouble.
  9. I wasn't in a super (btw the alt tab trick, doing that if I rejoin the blob wars), I'm far too space poor for a super. plus i'd only lose it hot dropping ratting carriers (it'd be worth it!). And yeah there's Vegas and Donger here both in hooded. Donger being a director and king of the supers. Got two in BNI (Kira and Zenny *who just joined). Fraternity were the Japanese alliance I think. And yeah if you go by zKill volta are the 10th best corp in EVE :D. And also that camping story. Epic.
  10. Wow. Props for the reply! Was just interested in where you were (and yes grrr goons). Got a friend in RANE. Also I was one of the ones who had to sit there grinding all of Darkspawns sov when they disbanded. God that was soul crushing (but not as much as the alliance members who lost their shit I imagine). Couple of guys here are with Hooded in NC. while i'm hanging around in V0LTA in Tri.
  11. Before he's accepted. I demand to know what nullsec alliance / corp.
  12. There's guys who play all 3 around here. WolfLordAndy, DrRafan + Fuzz are our resident LoL players (I also play but not ranked stuff anymore). tsmike is our resident DotA 2 fanatic. and the SMITE crew is pretty large headed up by the mighty mighty welshy Steff (might be worth giving it a crack again). Also. Welcome to dl.
  13. You have my sympathies. Both for joining us and knowing Tip!
  14. Generally the way it works is as long as you get along with most people for the first month or two you're a member of dl. There have only been a couple of people who have been asked to leave and a couple who decide that dl isn't for them. The vast majority get on fine and stay around.
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