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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Going live in 10; twitch.tv/mrunclepunch. Starting from World 3 of Cuphead .Here I come Mr.Devil!

  3. Going in, going hard with...Cuphead! Streaming now! twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  4. Fortnite...tonight...going live...any minute. Join me: twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  5. Playthrough of Ori and the Blind Forest begins in around 10mins www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  6. Back to PUBG for this evening. Something familiar for the old brain: www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  7. Going live in roughly 10mins. Test server fun with Silent Hill: PUBG: www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  8. 6.30pm for the stream again tonight.

    1. UnclePunch


      Live now www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  9. Stream will be a little later today. More like 6:30pm. Finishing off the Nazis @ www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  10. More Wolfenstein: The New Order at 6pm: www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  11. Streaming Wolfenstein: The New Order @ 2pm. Prepping for The New Colossus :O: www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch

  12. Another successful stream...on a roll :D As for the next stream...Friday evening me, Elftheropopulus and Hudson as you may know them will be doing a Battlerite evening to celebrate the free to play week AND to get our golden chocobos, haha. Don't have a time yet, but I'll be sure to post it up as soon as I have one. Hopefully see you then guys!
  13. Streaming Dark Souls 3 between 3pm - 7pm today. Excited to see the changes in action :D
  14. Before I get onto the details I'd just like to thank all those with feedback and advice about the stream and how it was setup. I did alot of testing before hand but you can never be sure of how things will actually turn out until you start doing it for real. Anyway based off your feedback I have adjusted the following: - Increased the overall sound quality. - Purchased a microphone filter to stop my headphone users going deaf. - Upped the bitrate and set a buffer size; meaning the stream should be at a better quality throughout. - Added mature content to the beginning of the stream; just in case my potty mouth gets the better of me :D - Reduced the stream delay, so it can be more interactive. - Added an automod feature, which I will leave on until I require Nightbot. - And finally; everyone can now post links into chat. And that's only the beginning I reckon. See you at the next stream!
  15. Hey all. I've caved and given into the temptation that is...streaming. I've got a pretty basic setup thus far, but have played around with it quite a bit and am proud with what I have thus far. The aim has been to make a chill, minimalistic stream with good interaction and structure. I'm still finding my feet with what's what but am going live now as the rest I can learn as I go. Anyway without further ado...I am streaming tomorrow and would welcome you all to come and join in and troll me to your hearts content. Sunday 9th April @ 5pm Beginning with Dark Souls 3 for 2-3hrs - From the beginning with no idea what's coming :O Followed by: Playerunknown's: Battlegrounds for the last 1-2hr/s - Only had a couple of games of this, but figured I'd have a giggle with it. And also the option of: Golf with Friends - Because it's bloody funny! Will hopefully be streaming without a hitch this time seeing as last time went to poop. Any feedback please run it by me, join in chat and have fun watching me get triggered. www.twitch.tv/mrunclepunch
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