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  1. I wonder what would happen if I said I don't know this person?
  2. Hello All, I'm a returning player of PlanetSide. Name: Jason (Vegas's Youngest Brother, I like to make him feel old) Age: 24 Location: Essex Games Played: LoL, PS, STO, SWTOR (In the DL Guild), EvE and Currently Beta Testing PlanetSide 2 Abit about me: I currently work as an IT Engineer, I love gaming and socialising with everyone I meet. I played SWTOR with DL when it first came out. But upon reaching 50 I found it a bit dull, I dont think the developers imagine anyone to get to 50 that quick. I play LoL on and off. I like playing Veigar or Karthus I like to think I'm ok at it. Played EvE Since 2003. I have 3 accounts which can vertiually do anything in the game from Mining, Research, Invention, Manufacturing, Dreads, Carriers, Motherships and outpost/capital construction. I also was stupid enough to pay for a lifetime subscription for Star Trek Online. it kind of went down hill from day 1. but i Stuck it out for awhile to see what happened. I've always been a big fan of PlanetSide when it first came out. I'm looking forward to playing PS2 and experiencing the fun of planetside again. Hope to see you all on the battlefield! Regards, Zibber
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