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  1. Just got some Heroes of the Storm keys, pm if you want one

  2. When will we find out what system we're playing because we'll need to get together to talk character creation
  3. Could do it from the perspective of the characters, get the player really invested before it dies in agony.
  4. My little pony in general is a toxin that knows no equal.
  5. I really hope that there is no My Little Pony RPG, anywhere, ever
  6. 1.) I'm a student so, most. 2.) Prefer fantasy but I will play most anything, got experience in DnD, Dungeon World, Victoriana, and WHFRP. 3.) Nah. 4.) Homebrew. 5.) Weekly 6.) A few hours, no less than around 2. 7.) House. 8.) Level 1.
  7. Got some Nosgoth keys if anyone is interested

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tsamurai6
    3. Leo


      Id love one if you've still got any

    4. Tsamurai6


      I'll send you it in a PM

  8. If any one wants a copy of DOTA 2 on Steam let me know as I currently have 13 in my inventory for some reason.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kaldun


      I never say no to a freebie :P

    3. LighT_Sh4v0r


      I've got a grand total of 23 keys as well :p


    4. Fuzz


      I had about 30 of them, but last time we asked, noone wanted them. As such, I put all of mine for sale on the Steam marketplace for a grand total of £0.01 each :P

  9. 50 something golden keys for Borderlands, I feel like I'm slightly overpowered right now >:D

  10. In a valiant BF3 Death or Glory charge on an objective me and Davy kill 6 including the diffuser(knifed) only to be booted from the game. :(

    1. Obliter8


      Admin kick???


    2. Tsamurai6


      No, too many people on battlelog, kept dropping us all night.

    3. Emitz


      Me and Davy got kick out of Xbox BF3 lobbies many times for either dominating in jets or as a heli team.

  11. After having some pain in the ass computer trouble I am back and better than ever.

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