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  1. Hi and welcome! A friend of Uru is a friend of ours. Make yourself at home :)
  2. Thanks Say. Sounded friendly enough last night. All good to join discord and stuff. For what it's worth; Welcome!
  3. Hi Gordon. Welcome to the forums. I'd grant access but I don't have access to a desktop at the moment. I'll sort it tonight. Another admin may beat me to it but they have day jobs too ;) [Edit]: All done!
  4. I dont recall grendel ever having accountability. You might be the first. Interesting thought... :P
  5. Cool! Welcome. Be friendly, have fun yadda yadda. :P
  6. Ah fair enough. No issues. No need for a trial if you're already playing alongside the guys. Just be friendly, have fun, make yourself aware of our very simple rules (the guys can explain if needed) and everything is awesome. Welcome :)
  7. Hey Spups thanks for your application. Mostly seems OK except for your referral. I have no idea who Le Cruix is. Do you know their forum name?
  8. Hi Boba and welcome to the forums. Your Dad gave us the heads up so there's no issues with your application. We've already explained this to the old man and it pretty goes without saying that everyone here, for the moment at least, is far older than you. I'm not about to say young adults don't know any naughty words or are oblivious to the world's vices, but I do have to tell you that sometimes conversation and behaviour in dl can devolve into 'pub talk'. Your maturity will be measured on your ability to communicate and behave within the limits of our one simple rule for all members: Don't be a dickhead. I'm sure you'll be fine though :) Welcome to digital legion, and I look forward to flying with you in alpha 2.6!
  9. Hey Silica, welcome! Finally sorted that app eh?
  10. Heya, thanks for dropping by. Always good to have contacts from other communities. Sorry that you'll be putting up with some our more insufferable members though... :P
  11. I didn't expect any of Zibber's mates to sign up because I didn't believe he had any. It's OK if you're just using him to get into dl. You can even "unfriend" him now if you like.
  12. I'd like to be able to lay claim to bringing him back by some epic means, but he didn't need much convincing. Something like: Hey man, coming to LAN? Sure. Cool.
  13. Nice one mate :) Will be great to see you. Added you to members group. Signups are here: http://digital-legion.com/index.php?/topic/3980-legionlan-2016-sign-ups/ Cheers!
  14. Hi mate, welcome to our website. Your application is absolutely fine, but it would be good to know who referred you to us :) It's a good time to be joining us with the release of overwatch because it's going to be very popular with our community.
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