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  1. For those wondering what Slidey Steve was it was Dayz SA and a knock out by a zed. I slid for over 2km with the guys trying to resuscitate me and steer me :-) I watched a TV program, they gave up after a monumentous effort, and I eventually awoke in the middle of a forest. Epic.
  2. Welcome Commanderwood, aka: Woody / commander. :-) LeCruix on Steam, but Dirtydog here .. or 58thDirtyDog if I take my sign-on and reminisce back to the 'Good old days' of Planetside (one!) and the 58th Wildcards before we became DL :-).
  3. Yeah 'tis I: 58thDirtyDog, DirtyDog, 'Dog, LeCruix, RL Steve. .... Gamer, Father to Apex, Friend to many ... including that wierd Donger fellow. Welcome Spups :-) The Star Citizens troop (along with other games of course) expands :-)) Massively enjoying 'The Division' at present. ... whole heartedly recommend.
  4. I may have a few recruits coming through on NC Miller. Just spent tonight on intro to game as NC on Miller so hopefully they'll bite. Names are TheRealChrismus , Novachem , MartNick. All good chaps and I vouch for them. May later also entice Soulzspy too. Regards DD.
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