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  1. These colour schemes will take a while to get used too :p .. had black background for some years hehehe !! and welcome btw just a picture test below
    1. Sines


      Remember to turn the volume on highest setting

      Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me

    2. Sines




      abd kets not forget Nadia Ali .. MUST have on your playølist


  2. Turned 42 ... whats next !! more hair .. from even more unwanted places HAHAHA allready have a nose trimmer

    1. Tsamurai6


      Don't worry, it'll start coming away from other places to compensate

  3. Welcome then !! from former PS1 Vet ... Sine of Renegade Legion ( Sine was taken so I added an S ) hehe
  4. 4 weeks vacation YEAH !!!!

  5. shoulda been a warning label ,, on the Simcity box !! can cause red eyes ,, went to bed 7am ROFL !! can't be healthy in the long run

  6. Knew I would be on a trial period ... thats normal :P I remember Vasquez ,, but the other guy not so much .. Must have been after I left back in 2006 Can't find a note somewhere saying the server you're on !! Is it Eurydome .. or the other EU server !! and Can someone tell me where da ???? the implant to see Invisible infiltrators are .. they must be hiding somewhere at a terminal i cant find LOL
  7. Might do that ,, SOE ,, is know for their server downtimes. That lasts a bit longer than expected hehe !! I know that from both Eq2 and planetside and I forgot to add ,, I have both Ventrilo and teamspeak installed ,, offcourse :P but Im guessing you use Mumble.. never used that myself
  8. I'm not moody at all ,,, happy camper all the year around hehe
  9. Real name: Morten Kveim Gaming name: Sines Location: Norway ,,Tonsberg Age: 40 Games played: Have played a lot of MMO's over the years ,, here's a few of them Everquest II - 3 years Planetside - atleast 2 years .. All i remember were Werner server was dead when I left Age of Conan - 1 year The secret world - Only played this summer Guild wars 2 - played for a few months now Referral: Planetside 2 forums .. I searched for an outfit .. and found some old allies > The 58th Marine corp Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I hope to have just as much fun with you guys .. As I had in the 1st planetside game ,, But first I have to learn how the new game works offcourse .. Defending bases are a little different than the 1st game !! and so are their designs For last > I were in Renegade Legion so that gotta be worth something hehe !! We did things by the book just as you did in the 58th ,, following orders and a few laughs now and then offcourse !!
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