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  1. I think I feel my brain melting.

  2. Hey..I always used to dominate tribes and you didn't >: |. Tribes is 900% skill, blatantly.
  3. I can vouch for him :). Although I can't vouch for how good his shooting is..*cough*
  4. My family is largely Irish, Scottish and French. Blame my parents.
  5. I did for a while, and played with some random people with no introductions all round xd, so that was both fun and confusing because I have no idea who is who still. You'll know me in mumble even if you don't recognise the name. I'l be the one speaking in the deep monotone. Gonna go walk my two dogs, will be back playing around 7pm unless something else comes up.
  6. Real name: Cavan Gaming name: Tyun/Athessu/Cavan Location: England Age: 21 Games played: Games beyond counting over the years, however the only FPS i've really played much recently was tribes ascend. If you can be good at tribes I feel I can do alright in planetside 2 ;p Referral: Through the Planetside 2 Outfit Forums. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Well I'm schizophrenic, to get it out the way early on. As a result I'm unemployed and online a lot, very often at strange times of the night, I'm used to being i mumble for huge amounts of time and happily talking to people and answering questions. I can offer an above average fps player who to offset any moderate skill I might have has a severe lack of tactical awareness, run face at enemy guns..sometimes win. In terms of gameplay I'm comfortable doing almost any role in PS2, I am probably worst as a reaver pilot because I always end up going out too far into enemy territory and putting myself in a bad place. Every other role I can and do swap out to when it seems right while playing solo.
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