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  1. Happy Birthday!!!


    I hope you are still enjoying foreign travel 🙂

  2. From off the top of my head: Ruleset will be D&D 4th edition. Sessions will occur on Sundays at 4pm. First session on the 8th March. We're going to start with a pre-made adventure for a few months until Locke has completed setting out his home-brew campaign. Maps & dice rolls will be done via Roll20. Pre-made adventure is being decided on by Locke. Character creation will occur from 7pm on 6th March. Pre-made adventure Character creation: Attributes will be rolled for. Any race/class from the player handbooks are okay. Level may be higher than 1, depends on the adventure chosen by Locke. People will roll a dice to find out the order that the characters will be made in.
  3. You quite clearly do not have much experience with the internet.
  4. Meee! Still. :) 1.) I'm employed, so Fridays/Weekends work best. :) But I can normally do Tuesdays/Wednesdays if needed. 2.) Am up for any. I have lots of rulebooks if you're after ideas. :) 3.) My Little Pony RPG? 4.) Homebrew would be fun, but very time consuming for GM. So wouldn't mind Pre-built if GM needs time to work on things. 5,) Weekly would be best, but fortnightly doesn't fuss me too much. 6.) 2-3 hours normally works best, too long and peoples attention starts to flag & I'd suggest doing things that amount to paperwork on the forums inbetween sessions, so as to not cut into session time. 7.) House rules... 8.) A story always starts from the beginning!
  5. You could just sit at home constantly clicking the 'Play' button in the hope it starts....
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