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  1. woah guys I want in again on some Miller domination! how can I re-apply?
  2. attending for sure, since i have no clue how to properly defend any of the stations/labs
  3. I'm always up for these events but the maps you play in are normally full (by maps I mean Esamir, Indar, Amerish), any suggestions on how to get through this without having to play prior to 2 hours if not more and spamming the deploy button? :/
  4. Yeah, that was some insane coordination by you guys, sadly I had some university stuff to tend to. Looking forward to more! Also noticed you guys play Guildwars 2, what server and region? I'm currently in Yak's Bend NA.
  5. Hello everyone! Heres my go at my application! Real name: Mostafa Gaming name: safo Location: Lebanon Age: 21 Games played: WoW, GW1,GW2, Tribes, Rift, LoL as far as online goes. Finished high end content in most of them (Hardcore raiding in WoW...etc..) Referral:Saw a video on how to join outfits, I went to the New Conglomerate teams on EU, yours seemed to be the most competent and well presented one available (and holy shit, best site I've seen for a guild) Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Competent player + Competent guild = ???, but seriously, I feel Digital Legion has a good atmosphere for a gamer such as myself. I am able to voice myself clearly, and follow in on guild activities whenever. Even though I'm playing from the mid-east, my time zone is very close to EU, besides, all my guilds in other games were EU and we had no time zone issues at all. Looking forward to meeting you all if it goes well! I hope this is enough, let me know if you need to know anything else :)
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