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  1. I have no issues maybe your connection is racist to welsh streams? :P yesterday I did have some buffering problems every couple of minutes though but today its fine
  2. Welcome and I'll sort out the Crew invite if its not already done
  3. We need to strengthen the Irish front! and welcome to the community mate!
  4. Real name: Brian Gaming name: Tuatha Location: Northern Ireland Age: 21 Games played: Played planetside 1 for about 2 weeks, played PS2 since beta, the whole Battlefield series, MOH series, and several MMORPGs Referral: through google when i was searching for outfits for PS2 and found the outfit through a wiki Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Since beta i have played mostly supporting roles such as gunner to liberator, i have also got many years of working in team as i use to do competitive gaming there with battlefield 3, although i have played PS2 since beta i am still learning new stuff and still getting us to the reaver and i am always willing to share my knowledge to help out other players
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