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  1. whats the discord info at the moment. because I cant find it on the website.


  2. This chap, I like. Which reminds me I must drag my fat arse out of warframe. See you on the battlefield.
  3. Ah good, nice to see some new meat for the grinder. BR is no measure of a player, a round from a gauss rifle fired by a BR 1 does as much damage as from a BR 100, so don't worry about that for a second. Just to add to Grendel's post above, the event starts at 7:30 pm but we start to muster at around 7:00 to make sure we are ready to roll on time. Hope to see you there.
  4. A TR with no outfit ties, would be like criticising someone for playing a different game.
  5. He also has a great sense of humour..... so probably wont fit in lol..... No seriously, good chap all round.
  6. Impressive, I really want to get back into some weight training but I have to be really careful because my bone density is fucked, damn liver disease. (yes it does that, was a surprise to me too)
  7. Don't worry about your accent my friend, its up to us to adapt. And as toxic said we have already got a few Danes about so it wont be a huge shock to us. I look forward to seeing you in game and on mumble, hell we need all the guys we can get to deal with the ridiculous TR overpopulation issues on the server at the minute.
  8. Reaper I have warned you 3 times about this, if i have to warn you a 1st time it really will be the 2nd straw ;)
  9. I don't TK much, then I remember the DL guy next to me smells of fish, *BLAMO!!!!*
  10. There is however another one tonight at 1800.
  11. Basically, we are a multi gaming community so the guys that are planetside 2 outfit officers and admins, are not the admins for the community as a whole, once one of them has a chance to look over your app and gives it the go ahead, you will be given access to the rest of the forums (currently hidden to you) where you will find the mumble access details (in the dl* website section), you will also be given a list of people to /tell for an invite in game ( just to check,you are on the miller server right?). This should be all sorted by this evening, as a lot of the guys are currently in work at the moment and 1 hour behind Denmark. Hope to see you in game soon! :D
  12. Wargame: Airland battle ... seriously for those of you who like realistic RTS games I would give it a go, think world in conflict with a brain.

    1. Debian8X


      Might give it a bash after the move is finished...

    2. Halzet


      Harathan and I have been playing games of it, is good fun. But we need more people!

    3. Kaldun


      really? myself emitz and uroloke started the other day. we should try and get a channel sorted.

  13. You are more than welcome to join us on the mumble, you will need to be able to communicate with us in game and mumble is essential for that. See you in game/mumble soon :D Oh and welcome to DL
  14. We have a growing number of military and ex-military personnel in DL, including myself, so the requirements of your job will be fully understood. eg. going away on a several week field exercise or course etc. As the others have already said, welcome to DL :)
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