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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Welcome Ruben! I'm so happy to have you on board!
  3. Welcome to the team. Glad to have you aboard!
  4. Would you be looking to join our raiding roster as well?
  5. Would you be looking to join our raiding roster as well?
  6. Yup. Thrilled to have her daggers(and the rest of her) on the team!
  7. Hey Dedrater, I'm curious as to how exactly you found us? Either way on behalf of the WoW department of DL I'd like to welcome you as a trialist. I'm sure one of the forum moderators will be along shortly to process you :)
  8. Hey there. I'm the one who suggested you applied. I'm sure a moderator will be around shortly to process your application. Until then look out for 'Litemode', 'TehFuzz' or 'Helrain' ingame as we're the ones capable of giving you a guild invite :)
  9. Yeah, see if you can catch me(Litemode), Tehfuzz or Hel ingame :)
  10. Simons seal of approval usually means I'm onboard as well(Unless he's talking about Clojure or React!). Also I think that the more Danes we have in here the better the community becomes!
  11. Welcome Krtusty! Can I call you Tusty ?
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