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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Fuck my life, 25 when I wrote this. Next week I'm 29, why am I regurgitating my old introduction thread? Well, because I've been dormant for the last couple of years. Which in effect makes up for a good portion of my DL career... why have I been quiet? Well, my lifes been a bit of a shit show the last year and a bit as maybe some of you will recall, I do believe I made a post somewhere about that. Anyway, I digress. Now life is a little more settled I'm looking at coming back in some fashion. I've bumbled onto the Discord and will be on there more than on the forums most likely, still playing games though struggling to find ones that can properly hold my attention. So if anyone fancies some Diablo 3, WoW or Overwatch then give me a ping and now I've actually got some slack in funds I can maybe even pick up one or two other 'trendy' games should they be popular (as long as it isn't No mans freaking sky). Guessing Planetside2 is pretty dead by now? ;-) Alas, I hope you don't hold my absence against me, ello to those new to the community in that time and a big /hug to those who remember me. /Xeno
  3. Sadly an accident near us has delayed us and our plans for the day have been pushed back at least two hours. So I won't be able to make it for 8pm :(
  4. Smite, Nope. Wildstar, Nope. RoS, Wants, but can't afford. EQN:L, Bleh.. though I should really check out the changes since I last played it ~1 month ago. Still, just because I'm nope doesn't mean its a bad week for gaming, more games means more choice, yay!
  5. Hi Dan! Thanks for your interest in DL, I do believe that we are generally inactive on Neverwinter at the moment however as you say your looking for an all round general community you have come to the right place! One of our more esteemed members will be along shortly to formerly go over your application :) Nice to see you have a good MMO pedigree too! Any your looking forward too?
  6. She's just jealous because she glances over at my screen and is like, why can't I have that many forums!!! :p
  7. In our house that's not far off the truth lol.
  8. Yay! Was hoping you would apply, my awesome harasser gunner from last night! Welcome :D
  9. Forum name updated! :D Thank you for the warm welcome!!
  10. Thanks! I will update my forum name when I have 9 more approved posts so its the same as my ingame name, now to pester some officers!
  11. Alright, I'll start with the verbatim stuff. Real name: Dave. Gaming name: Xeno, Xerapin, Davexeno, Xenitia. Location: England Age: 25 Games played: I have 195 games in my Steam Library dating back to 2003, so er, a few. Most recently Planetside2, Rift and Defiance. Referral: Official Forums. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I am looking for a friendly, laid back outfit that likes to put its 'game face' on at times. This seems to be the place, I was a long time member of Cadre (*waves to Ryzak*) but after their move to Arma and some leadership "issues" I stopped playing. Since then without direction as a team I have struggled to get back into Planetside2, open squads are often leaderless, confused and more often than not I get randomly kicked from them. I'm a core teamplayer and this can be seen in the fact I often play support/healer roles. In Rift I'm a healing cleric, in Planetside2 I'm a Engineer primarily. I look forward to hearing from you! PS: My character is found here: http://www.planetside-universe.com/character-5428011263376387041.php
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