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  1. whats going on in this thread then, i heard we're having a deep discussion on modern day appliances, I tried to make a DIY drone by strapping my 4 y/o to a pair of dyson fans. Jump on Discord, make a big noise, join one of the many diverse DL inspired wow guilds or throw caution to the wind and play with Bean
  2. I'm a trained artisan butcher, so that makes me a... ... Venison Engineer. Or it comes from Italy, that would be Venetian-venison Engineer
  3. Wait, you're Acu's arena partner aren'tcha? Damn son, I'm sorry for whatever he might have done. The majority of us who are playing WoW right now are Maelstrom Horde too!
  4. Hail friend! What server/faction do you play on WoW? I'm obligated to ask :D I wonder who the friend who pointed you here is!
  5. I think I've got a few characters on Argent Dawn, Alliance. None of them 100 or geared necessarily. Most of mine are on The Maelstrom/Emerald Dream or Silvermoon :/
  6. Gibe Overwacht Plise

  7. BRING THE SALT Whats going on man, welcome to *dl :D
  8. I am 12 and what is this Can't even retain your dank for an app, welcome aboard!
  9. Fair enough. I play a split of Ally/Horde across Silvermoon, Emerald Dream and Maelstrom, currently only subbed to do garrison missions in preparation for Leejun.
  10. The big question here, is are you a Reaper disguising yourself as a Space Vessel, allowing Saren to spread his influence across the galaxy while being chased by Captain Shepherd? If not, Hi and welcome to the Legion! A mod or two will come around soon enough to let you know how things are done for the first few weeks of your time here, including Mumble details! What server/faction do you play on WoW btw?
  11. Hello Legionnaires, Melvyn here! I first joined dl* a few years ago but fell out of touch after an altercation or two with a certain ex-DL member. Well, Tipner managed to convince me to rejoin and bring with me a few of my cohort, Storro and Fairzz! You'll probably find us playing League as our staple game most of the time, but we do branch out into a lot of games. The games I'm personally playing a lot of at the minute are; LoL, WoW, HotS, Rust, Ark, Darkest Dungeon, CS:GO and Minecraft. I'm a big fan of survival/sandbox/crafty games and MOBAs, and am extremely hyped and salted for Overwatch! Also experienced in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 & 5th editions, I play a mean Cleric and don't mind DMing should the occassion arise! If you want to have a game or smash some shit up, catch me on: League - Melvyn, Battle.net - BestMelvynEU#2351 or Steam - Best Melvyn EU Lastly, I do have my own YouTube channel, where I upload edits of various games and other silliness! Me on YouTube! Thanks for popping by, and hope to play together soon!
  12. I know when dat Queue time pings

    1. Obliter8


      That can only mean one thing?

    2. Melvyn


      Mid or feed.

  13. He's on about Steff's ego boys, think the Mumbles gunna' need another 100 slots to fit it in kek
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