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  1. Yo dude! great to have you onboard.
  2. Hey Tim! Look forward to playing some games bud, you'll have to put up with my occasional bad Swedish though 😄
  3. Hey dude, had two games with you last night I think.
  4. I have absolutely no idea who this grill is ;)
  5. Hello there! Great to see you joining in, an admin will be along soon to no doubt give you the trial status :)
  6. Welcome! Join us on the mumble, any time, any game :)
  7. Also worth mentioning that he's RamboNuts's brother :p Welcome!
  8. I've checked all the stream settings, i don't have any of the extra tech on to make the delay any less and therefore more laggy or internet/pc intensive, i've yet to drop a single frame, i'll do a google when i get a chance and see if it's something common, but saying that it obviously isn't if it's just you so far :(
  9. Twitch itself can be quite temperamental at times, but generally people have been saying my streams are quite steady for them, is your internet not great down there gripp? as i do stream in constant 720p ish... with no option to downscale.
  10. yeah well spotted, i think it was because when i added the webcam it defaulted to that terrible microphone, i've swapped it back now and it seems good according to everyone else.
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