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  1. Welcome, I assume you were the pink who joined and left the Discord server yesterday? if its you join again and ping a mod to make you a member.
  2. Welcome! This the thread with details on connecting to Discord which as Creep said is our voice com's server: http://digital-legion.com/index.php?/topic/4000-voice-coms-server-discord-connection-details/
  3. Oh in the case.... j/k, welcome :)
  4. Welcome back :) Curious who the ex-dl'er was now :P
  5. Welcome, just a tip.... Almost 20 = 19
  6. Seems the Scandi invasion continues... the day of the Sweds has slowed now is the day of the danes.
  7. Welcome back Laura! Come play Heroes of the Storm (I assume a former Blizzy has got an invite)
  8. WASP is a PS2 outfit alot of our members moved to when we stopped playing it a group.
  9. Hope I can catch up with everything :(
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