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  1. Welcome! Are you perchance the Radu who played TF2 on the Clever Idiot servers back in the day?
  2. On the mumble issue i believe some ISP's in UAE block mumble and other voice coms? Try use a proxy server, heres and old post I found about someone with a similar problem... last post has proxy info http://sourceforge.net/p/mumble/discussion/492607/thread/efe3a359
  3. Well I think thats a first with the multi application :) You will probably all need to create accounts on the forums anyway though :) But I like how you leaned the whole process. An admin will be along shortly to help out! Other then that, Welcome :)
  4. Welcome :) Please never use that blue coloured font again though! My head was fit to explode trying to read it! Had to highlight the text in the end :P See you in game,.
  5. Try early in the mornign, the transfer doesnt take long.
  6. Welcome, Irish blood with the Sheehan name im thinking? An admin type will be along shortly no doubt.
  7. I guess as long as you use the name ForFaen on mumble we will be grand! As Hel alluded to its bloody confusing with multiple names... but with MMO's that can't be helped! I will probably be called Dougal in Wildstar.
  8. My what big font's you have! Welcome! another Scandi... seriously ye guys are taking over! An admin type should be along shortly.
  9. The Scandilander invasion continues... Welcome aboard.
  10. Welcome! See you in games sometime!
  11. How ya, Always good to have more Irish around to balance out the Swedes and English! an admin type person shall be along shortly no doubt.
  12. Hey dude, Thanks for the application, unfortunately we have stopped playing Planetside 2 as an outfit us being the fickle gamers we are we all moved on to different games. Not sure if you are still interested given this info... if you are an admin will be along in a bit no doubt.
  13. Welcome dude, Game in vogue right now here appear to be: Diablo 3 Smite Wildstar Landmark and the staples of LoL and BF4
  14. You should be able to do it yourself in the settings.
  15. Yup fair play for all the effort everyone put in! I hope ye all stick around for other games!
  16. No hassle, the door is always open to play other games with us any time.
  17. And do feel free to drop in on the many other games being played in the community, personally I see myself playing a fair bit of DayZ standalone in the coming months.
  18. Great app, expect an admin to be along shortly!
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