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  1. Last day today folks, thanks for all the support!
  2. meh, Dark Mornings make it way too hard to get out of bed.

    1. Fionny
    2. Hulabell


      Hahah yeah. No amount of sleep will make you awake at that time ;)

    3. ParraNojja


      I like the dark and my Linn is like a alarm clock she sleeps 12 hours, just set in the evening

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  3. MORE prizes have been kindly added by Ocaeron, I will update the list later! Folks the odds are incredibly high of getting this as only a few dl'ers have donated, not to mention this is all for a good cause! Thanks kindly to those who have donated!
  4. So for reference the 1st prize is worth based primarily on steam pricing...... €300 or £250!! 2nd Prize is worth €90 or £75!! Thats some prize to be getting and the odd's are HIGH! Again thanks for all the support from everyone is very much appreciated and all going towards a good cause!
  5. Prize Pack thus far: 1st Prize A game of your choice to the value of €50 (or part thereof) - From myself Bioshock Spec Ops: The Line Dungeon Defenders + all DLC Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Monaco Superborthers: Swords & Sorcery Crayon Physics Deluxe Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts & Tales of Valour XCOM Introvesion Mega-pack - All thanks to Obliter8 2nd Prize Torchlight 2 - Thanks Xerapin Civ 5 - Thanks Chillpill Fear 2 Crisis 2, Red Alert 3 - All thanks to Locke Please support this really worthwhile cause and potentially win this pretty tasty set of games!
  6. We've all been 14 dude, we've all thought the same way you do, its human nature. It sucks being young but we all did it and suffered through. Best of luck in your new outfit.
  7. Best man for the job I can honestly say. Good choice!
  8. Caps and Smilie overload... welcome.
  9. Sorry but this obligatory for all Dave's: Sorry for crap quality:
  10. Welcome, I dropped into the thread mainly because I think your name is a quality laugh.
  11. Hi Snakewind, Welcome to our forums, I wonder would you care to elaborate some on your application, its a bit on the short side. We are a close enough knit group and as such like to know a bit about the people we are considering as new members. Maybe take a look at some of the other apps (once that have been accepted obviously :P ) and take a leaf from their book.
  12. I just realised I used Carb Clean as De-Icer the other morning... doh!

    1. Darth Hel

      Darth Hel

      What was the result?!

    2. Fionny


      It slightly defrosted the window.... :P

  13. Cavan folk are known for being miserly in Ireland :P
  14. Welcome, You got some tie to Ireland with a name like Cavan? Though I wouldnt be flaunting being from Cavan or having ties to it :P
  15. No loss, not being willing to fill out more then a single line is pretty lame.
  16. Lots of acronym's right there. So what makes you think youll be a good fit for dl? Tell us something about yourself, many of us know each other quite well and even address each other by our first names its the kind of community we are and as such look for people that match!
  17. Welcome, remember playing LoL a bit with you also!
  18. There's only one European Server at the moment, Eurydome or something like that :)
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