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  1. Welcome :) Glad our video's are out there getting noticed :) Only issue you may encounter with us is we generally play in the evening. An an Admin type person will be along soon!
  2. Hols on Saturday! Cant wait :)

  3. Haha welcome :) Ill see you around in game!
  4. Well there will be lots and lots of us playing PS2 and its FTP so you can dip in and out as and when you might like to do so. I might get a notion and play some GW2 again but its low on the priorities.
  5. I think to be honest MMO's have lost their lustre with me in general, they are just too samey. I'm loving PS2 at the moment so im happy. Until the next big mmo title I wiill sit aside :)
  6. Ill be honest ive barely played it mate, I cannot motivate myself to play I find myself bored in 10-15mintues. I never thought id say this but: Give me regular quests any day of the week over the "events"
  7. Welcome, Another Nordie :P An officer will be along in a bit.
  8. We will be playing on: Chaldene Until further notice.
  9. Patch is 1.2gigs! Ensure you are set for tonight!
  10. Welcome :) An Officer will be along soonish! Look in on PS2 and other community games sometime too!
  11. That's a Paddlin'

  12. Welcome, an officer will be along in a bit
  13. You should have access to those details now in the website forum.
  14. No Tribes has been done and uninstalled again :P Next one I do will be bf3.
  15. By your definition of proper we'd have 2 choices, ETQW or Tribes, Feel free to organise one and ill post the annouincement for you.
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