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  1. Looking forward to tonight PS2 Session! Hope we have a good turn out!

    1. HudsonLv426


      hoorah! highlight of my week coming up

    2. Fionny


      The missus is out for the night too so I wont feel guilty.

    3. HudsonLv426


      buy her the sims mate or a Wii you cant feel guilty if there playing games too :P

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  2. Best way to get attention is to jump on Mumble, the details should be available to you now in the website part of the forums. There is a big event tomorrow night, check the PS2 forum for details and come along!
  3. Nice one! thanks for posting that :) Sounds like you will be a good fit with us to be honest!
  4. Ya but they made a booboo of something, John Smedley ”@j_smedley sorry folks. looks like we introduced a server crash when we put the new patch up. It's being worked on but it might be 3-5 hours.
  5. Servers are down at the moment anyway dude so no pac :P Will probably be another patch to fix whatever they broke too :P
  6. Welcome :) It was myself who replied to you over on the PS2 forums, glad you decided to check us out! An officer will be along soonish :)
  7. Welcome! it was myself who replied to you on the PS2 forum glad you decided to check us out :) Just to keep things level you might complete the application forum from here: http://digital-legio...digital-legion/ This is mostly just to give everyone a good idea who you ar Cheers, see you in game soon:
  8. Welcome :) An officer will be along shortly enough :)
  9. Bah! Another Swed! What brought you here!
  10. Someone can invite you in game, but given the pending pwipes we arent too concerned about it :)
  11. Welcome! Where abouts in Ireland you from?
  12. Shavor you'll learn is inflexible when it comes to games :)
  13. Welcome! We are really becoming quite the european clan these days, I think you might be the first Austrian!
  14. Welcome! I wonder what the ratio of Swedes to Brits is now in DL!
  15. Take your own advice ya massive ladyboy!
  16. Welcome, we really must do Pints sometime! Bully Pat and Dave!
  17. Good app, Welcome to our forums :) An officer type person will be along shortly :)
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