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  1. Oh sure.. taunt me with that while I've enjoyed my last two evenings sat in traffic on a motorway! :)
  2. I remember the name vaguely, Armored Fist is a more memorable one that stuck in my head - I definitely remember a lot of the larger platoon battles when the NC alliances were working well. It's that kind of thing that gives PS the scale to make it something different from the masses of decent shooters. Looks like I might not be on much this week until the end of the week/weekend - just checked my work diary and found I'm all over the country this week, so getting home really late most days. So apologies for the slightly premature application -- I'll be online more regularly in a few days. Will hunt one of you down in-game for an invite as soon as I can. I can live with losing all the alerts, as long as I'm in a group which is actually trying to win by doing something useful. We seem to have a faction full of random headless chickens most of the time & that just ends up feeling pointless after a while.
  3. Real name: Martin Gaming name: Calandris Location: UK Age: thirtysomething Games played: Have played everything & anything worth playing on a PC since Ultima V. From FPS, RTS, MMO, you name it. Was a Wow guild & raid leader for many years. Have been an officer in various tactically minded clans in games like Operation Flashpoint & BF. Played PS1 for a while with Brutal Deluxe many years back. I don't play lobby shooters multiplayer anymore (too repetitive to hold my interest), but have been playing PS2 a few nights a week for a couple of months now and it seems to be worth sticking with. I'm BR 39 at the moment, play primarily as support classes (Healer/Eng), will happily turret-dance for hours against attacking tanks with breaks as Sniper and AV/AA when the situation demands it. I'm not bad in a tank, but I'm crap in a plane :) Referral: Been looking around for outfits worth joining for the past month or so, joining pug platoons with potential choices when I see them. Have been in DL groups a few times and spoke to Lord Mandando today after yet another NC alert loss, he suggested I apply, which I was of a mind to do anyway. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: NC needs every organised soldier it can get its hands on these days. I can follow orders, communicate updates & support squads as needed. I'm not interesting in following the zerg or single-handedly beating all comers on Auraxis, I'm just looking for a team that tries for something worthwhile and not just another random bunker in the desert... And maybe one day, I'll see NC win an alert again by something other than sheer luck :) I've just discovered one of my kids has broken the mic on my headset, so I'll be silent on Mumble for a little bit apparently, but so be it.
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