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  1. Welcome! Hope u will enjoy it here iam new aswell so i dont really know what iam talking about but i hope i will enjoy it and i think i will so Welcome :)
  2. Yeah i will btw whats the IPs and passwords to get into the Mumble server ive searched forum but cant find an post with the Login numbers Thx
  3. Thx Hudson :) Yeah i saw the recruitment post at this site http://wildstar-central.com/threads/digital-legion-dominion-pve-pvp-hazak.9049/ Yeah thx for accepting that i read it was 18+ but i did my best and tried so iam happy i got atleast on test period :) Iam playing dominion now atm in beta on Wildstar will be a Dominion Cassian Stalker when the game is released
  4. Real name: Jonathan Lohoff Gaming name: Pappdin/Pacific/Blacklist but i will roll with Pacific now. Location: Finland Age: Iam 17 now but iam getting 18 in Oct Games played: Ive played Flyff alot and Runescape when I were a young boy then i started playing Lotro and GW1 then i worked myself up to GW2, WoW, CS:GO and alot of CoD there betweeen with some BF aswell. And yeah ive playde LoL aswell on EU WEST were gold 1 in ranked last season with 1150normal wins. Referral: I were looking for a more serious guild than those u only find ingame or that spamm u 24/7 in pm ingame to get members beqause those just got guild hoppers and i went on Wildstars forum for guild recruitments and found this community and thought it looked nice and friendly . Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I am an active player on Wildstar or will be when its released beqause i really like it, i got kinda good experience of MMO games and my attitude is friendly and helpfull and i like both PvP and PvE and i really like getting my items strong with a big cash stack in my pocket aswell, so i kinda like farming monsters and stuff to get money for crafting and stuff, iam fast learned on dungeons and tactics and try my best. Thx. Jonathan Lohoff
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