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  1. Thanks. I'll give my folks shout to create accounts and write something here... so I won't be marked as psycho with imaginary friends. :]
  2. Greetings! First of all I would like to say I'm sorry that this application will be a bit longer. :] Few of my friends, my wife and I started Wildstar few days ago as most of the folks around here and we've been in search for healthy and mature guild and/or community we could join. We bumped at Wildstar forums on your presentation and we immediately knew Digital Legion could be our new home. So without any delays I present you our multi-application as we would like to join you all... :] Spellslinger & Esper - the couple who met in WoW Real names: Oldrich & Catherine In-game names: Keqin & Kwasha Age: 26 & 29 We both have experience from various MMOs and games as we're both passionate gamers, most notably World of Warcraft. We've been playing MMOs around 8-10 years, we got experience from raids, PvE content, PvP and various guilds from pretty standard ones to RP communities. We have played WoW, SWToR, EvE Online, GW2... and we also love Borderlands series (got one sick tattoo on my shoulder *laughs*). Wildstar so far seems we got that Vanilla WoW feeling all over again which might be unhealthy... you know sleep deprivation, consuming pizzas and red bulls in high amounts ... I'm just kiddin' we're not 16 years anymore, right guys? Right?... *coughs* Stalker & Warrior & Warrior In-game names: Species & Chuckiee & Phara Age: 25-30 As I mentioned we've been playing together in good ol' Vanilla WoW times, where we raided Molten Core, killed C'thun in AQ and had our struggles on Four Horsemen of Naxxramas... but hey, we're together again and having a blast and fun times. All I can say they got experience from WoW and various other games but I guess these guys will write something on their own later below... Anyway feel free to ask questions as I'm not really sure what do you want to know... :]
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