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  1. Hey folks! Things are pretty hectic in real life atm, so I won't probably be able to play for a while. Will be stuck with too much work for next month and I'll be on vacation for month after that, so I will be pretty much afk in August too. I do understand if I get the boot, but ill re-apply when I am able to continue my time in Wildstar :) Sorry for the hazzle, -Speedy
  2. I've been pretty much AFK for a week or so, as I got crazy week at work. 10 days without a day off and pushing overtime. Will be back next week after I recover from midsummer fest! Cheers, Speedium
  3. 1more post required. Edit: and this post did the trick.
  4. Yay, cheers! I forgot I named my spellslinger Speedium, as I started Chilium as esper. I am playing on the SS, but the forums didn't let me change my name until I get 9 approved posts. If it's possible for admin to change it, that would work for me. Meanwhile I added my charname to my signature till I get to changing it :) Thanks for the invite, glad to be on board!
  5. Hello! Real name: Eetu Gaming name: Chilium / Speedium Location: Finland Age: 27 Games played: For MMO's: Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2. Brief encounters with Secret World and ESO. Referral: Wildstar forums . Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? Because I'm awesome! But seriously, I'm experienced gamer who won't mind dropping what I'm doing to help out a guildie in need. I've got experience working with large guilds since my times spent with Storm in AO. I used to do a lot of raiding and PvP too, back in the days of AO and vanilla WoW, but I am not able to play as much as I used to due real life activities. I won't be the guy raiding every day, or week even, but will be there if I can and need be. I am not into hopping around games, as I played AO for 5 years and WoW for 6. In GW2 I was very casual as I had way too much going on during that period. Mostly played some single player titles after quitting WoW as there wasn't any mmo titles that could get me graving for more before Wildstar. But I want to be honest, so if the sun is shining and I've got a day off, I'm more likely found on my motorbike or down the river fishing, than online. During winter months I try to get as much snowboarding done as I can. That does not mean I am inactive, but my gaming time has it's limits. I know that endgame PvE content takes a lot of commitment and that is something I am not able to offer. Why am I applying then? I want to be part of a mature guild. Its' the essence of mmo's to be able to login and have a good banter and play with like minded folks. And as I am more leaned towards the PvP portion of the game, it's nice to have guildies to share the exile smashing business. Cheers, Chilium
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