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  1. Real name: Rolland Gaming Name: Lothereus Location: near Paris, France Age: 28 Games played: World of Warcraft since the beginning, all extensions except cataclysm. Before that DAoC was my first MMO and I tested lot of other mmorpg as AoC, CoH, CoV, Champions Online, LoTRO... what else ? Elder Scrolls Online, currently stopped after testing the trials... Referral: Friend of mine Why me: I'm here to join a friend, Xalyth, who give me good impression of this game I started yesterday. I'm the one who put Xalyth on WoW ^^ Well, I've been in MMOs since DAoC. On WoW I've been an officer in several guilds. You can ask Xalyth, he was my GM... I'm looking for a guild with a solid organisation and a friendly community with the intent of clearing the end game PVE and also who's interested in PVP. And Xalyth tell me your guild is the one we are looking for ! One more thing, as you could deduce from my location, I'm french so I'm not fluent in english speaking... I understand but need training to speak. Hope to hear from you guys soon ! See you in game Lothereus
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