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  1. Real name: Mike Gaming name: Shamra in Wildstar (PROJECT everywhere else) Location: UK Age: 25 Games played: Wildstar Referral: Guildex Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I main a healer Medic, and am looking for a guild to PvP with mainly, will do some of the endgame PvE if needed. I think I would be valuable from an in game perspective, and just like to take part in whatever's being talked about on Mumble. I work from home, so play often, I'm a very active gamer looking for a new group of friends on my new favorite game. I'm a mod developer, I created the original , as well as contributing to some similar mods in Wildstar. Not gonna lie, I just want competent people to PvP with, in return, you will get a very experienced and skilled gamer, making sure you stay alive long enough to do what you gotta do.
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