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  1. Hey boys and girls. I just cancelled my subscription. Current will run out 11th of August. I am having a wedding and hunting season is about to start in Finland. Will be back in game September. Just wanted you to know since I am still a Triallist. -Soto-
  2. Hey guys. I will be moving this weekend and not sure when my broadband will be connected. See you back in game. -Soto
  3. I don't know do we vouch for people for membership or what and even if I am trialist myself, I will vouch for Kurzan. Last night me, Kurzan and Sensei grouped up and went to Battlegrounds. We played for few hours and Kurzan did very well. He played his role well and get the flags while I healed him. Wasn't noob in PVP. -Soto-
  4. Hey Tipner, and thanks. Hope to see you all in-game. (trying to get my boy to sleep at the moment...)
  5. Real name: Jarno Gaming name: Sotomichi/Saivion/Dartan Location: Finland Age: 28 (OMG) Games played: World of Warcaft more than 4 years. Age of Conan for a year or so. The Secret World for sometime and same For Elder Scroll Online. Battlefield for years. Referral: Speedium told me to apply Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Ever since I started to play MMOs, over 10 years ago, I haven't found any long lasting or solid group to play with. And guess what? You guys (and girls??? (is there girls on the internet??)) are gona fill that spot! I am PVP oriented player with experience of healer, tank and damage dealer. I started with Warrior in WoW, and was epic. Played PVP with fury spec and totally ruined all those warlocks game in Alterac Valley but its long gone now. Then I swapped for Paladin and played 3vs3 arenas as healer. In Age of Conan I was our guilds PVE leader, and in my lead we cleared first 3 raids. But back to question why me? I can offer casual support for any guild activity available. Ofcourse I can't play as much as I want these days, real life first, but when I am there, just ask and I will lend a hand or two. In real life I work as IT-support. Ride motorbike. Hunt all kinda things. Lift weights like a pro. And last but not least proud father of 1,5 years old son. If this application left anything to ask, please feel free. With all my greasy love -Sotomichi-
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