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  1. Yea sure I understand. More of a dog person lol. Pretty much play PvE however I do love a good PvP battle. Use to be a lvl 80 tank in WoW stopped playing after Lich King as it took over my life so to speak. GW2 got to end game then it got a bit repetative so stopped playing. I enjoy all the usual things. Gaming at the top of my list. As part of a guild I always enjoy helping out others weather it be low level or something trivial like where the AH in Illium is:D. Use to lead raids at Main tank with my previous guild in WoW. Did all 20 and 40 man raids up to lich king (But never got to kill him) :( Apart from all that im a all genuin guy easy to get on with and enjoy a laugh and joke. Anything else feel free to ask....just keep it moderatly clean :D:D
  2. Real name: Mike Gaming name: Warf Location: UK Age: 28 Games played: WoW, GW2, ESO, CoD Ghosts, Dragon Age, All Elder Scrolls Games, SWTOR. Referral: Gizmonaut Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Its a fun game and I wish to share my experiance and help out when ever possible.
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