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  1. All skill is in vain when an angel pisses in the flintlock of your musket!

  2. Thanks Guys! Looking forward to perusing everything available. I have yet to invest in a copy of BF4 and am unfamiliar with the game but its on my definite to do list! Depending also on my On call Status at work, I am endevouring to attend the LAN.
  3. Hi Vegas, I know that feeling all to well, Long gone are the days of sitting down to a 12hr stretch of Diablo 2 or Shadows of Amn. :ph34r: Mr Farmer is a work colleague of mine, from which we have started to play online and merge online communities. I have recently been added to the "PCS:GB" clan of which Mooseh and Creepatchu are both members and am hoping to expand further, finding friendly and worthwhile communities to join and contribute to.
  4. Real name: Matthew Parry (Matt) Gaming name: PazmanDS Location: Bath (BA1) Age: 29 Games played: CS:GO, CS, COD:MW2, COD:MW3, Unreal Referral: Rowan Farmer- Creepatchu, Tom Davies- Mooseh, Rob Penfold - JellyBean Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly player looking to expand my online community, looking to improve my gaming and become competitively matched. I've been told there's a LAN planned and it sounds like a good way to meet people and have a good time.
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