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  1. Thank for the information but i will keep it at planetside, so i am going to try my luck at WASP Inc.
  2. Sad to hear that you guys arent really in planetside anymore. Dont know what game WASP is but if i like it i would like a trial ;)
  3. Real name: Tako Scheepens Gaming name: TheMarkings Location: Netherlands Age: 22 Games played: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Referral: I was looking for an oufit on the Planetside2 forums than would suit me, not to harsh not to simple. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I've always been one of the "loners" in games, yet im always looking for people to laught and to take things seriusly with in games. planetside2 offers those options in an instant but its always with different people and, you dont get to know them and they dont get to know you. I myself think i am a fun person to hang aroud with, but can also be seriusly involved with somethng. At the moment i play a infiltrator (sniper) at long ranges but i am also quite decent at the medic class. I just wanted to say another thing witch isnt that inportent (i think). I am not a leader I am a follower, and i will always respect other player and be helpfull to those around me.
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