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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Say


      Woo thank you! <3 

  2. Real Name: Leon Pritchard Gaming Name: Korath (or some variation of it - Koraths, Korathis) Location: London, UK Age: 31 Games: Urrr at the moment WoW, D3, PUBG, BF4 Referral: RL friend of Say Why: Well been told you are a good bunch and its always nice to have a group to jump on discord and have people to play with... oh and current d3 season is very lonely atm (Say: Posting this for him as registering new accounts at the moment is turned off, but it's nice to have a bit of info about new applicants)
  3. Fion: Aye I have Heroes of the Storm! Obliter8: Just you :3 Vegas: Maybe it is, maybe you need your eyes tested! Mooseh: I doubt it, but let's battle it out ;D Fuzz: Youuuuuu!
  4. Much <3 aye I still play wow on and off, still working my way through my free game cards :d
  5. I think you guys moved (a few times) since I was last here
  6. Sup! Long time no see ;) How goes! Real Name: Laura Gaming Name: Say/Chiyo/Sayuri Location: England Age: Old enough! Games played: LoL/WoW (huehuehue)/anything/everything/Mass Effect Referral: lots of you! Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I has cookies :3 (and I'm getting old) I come with innuendos a plenty. Plus Locke needs help getting over his addiction of the penis... in my spare time I like to paint bewbs. Ktnks bai <3 p.s included bewbs and my special donkey... http://imgur.com/TZQKFSs
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