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  1. Hay! Clojure and React is the bomb! :D
  2. It goes without saying that I vouch for this guy :-)
  3. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. My character in wow is however not named as on this forum or mumble. I recollect that it's possible to put a note next to your name in the guild member overview in WoW. If that's still the case I'll write tossetaz there.
  4. Real name: Simon Stender Boisen Gaming name: tossetaz Location: Denmark Age: 30 Games played: Mainly World of Warcraft at the moment. Played Vanilla, BC and WotLK with breaks in between all expansions. Havn't played since 2008. Referral: A colleague of mine Litemode Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? I'm a friendly, social and humorous guy who both enjoy the fun and challenging aspects of playing video games. I would like to be in a guild with my colleague Litemode. Since I have a wife and two kids I won't be playing more than a few nights every week on average but when I;m online I'm always available for doing PvP or regular/heroic dungeons with the guild. I probably won't have time for doing raids since I have to be quite flexible because of my spouse and kids.
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