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  1. Thanks guys :) Should I contact anyone ingame?
  2. I see how the name of the thread and the forum-name clashes somewhat. I choose the forum-name out of habit, but my name ingame in WoW is: Augustu. I looked to change the forum-name, but it would seem I need a few more posts to do that :)
  3. Real name: Søren Skov Gaming name: m0ck (Augustu in wow) Location: Denmark Age: 32 Games played: At the moment WoW and whatever singleplayer game catches my fancy. I Picked it up at the end of December at the recommendation of my brother Simon (who is a member of this guild and who directed me here). I played vanilla many, many years ago and I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. Level 100 monk. In the past I've played too many games to count, but none more than CS 1.6 ^^ Referral: My brother SImon aka tossetaz Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? Wow is more solo-friendlly than I recall from vanilla, but at this point I would like a bit more coordination and challenge than AV zergs and raidfinder can provide. I hope to get that from Digital Legion. In return you get a player who is quite active, friendly and social.
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