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  1. Cheers buddy, good talking to you on there, ty
  2. I just need your mumble settings please guys so i can communicate :-)
  3. Got it downloaded m8! Yes itrs been 20 years, how the hell its gone by so fast is scarey lol
  4. Ok ty, ill wait for Soul to post me the mumble server details, ive allready got it on my pc so hope to chat to you guys soon! :-)
  5. Hi freeroamer here wanted to apply to the Digital Legion family. Been Pc gaming on and off for 14 years now, old friend of dl*Soul^ From South coast of England Currently playing Dayz standalone, Battlefield 4, and just getting into H1Z1 where i believe you are currently active. Soul suggested i introduce myself to you guys, im 46, young at heart, willing to learn new in game skills, and always treat fellow gamers with respect. :-)
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