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  1. World of dinghyes theres looks alright but appearently i need some invitei code or something. so it might no be all feasible or whatevs
  2. Allright. I do play a bit of Heroes of the storm and whatnot so I might still stick around if you all'd let me. oh yea and I love my BRICK! yea good point
  3. Greetings everyone, Real Name: Nikolaj Gaming Name: MrHealing Location: Denmark Age: almost 20 Games Played: Payday 2, Borderlands series. Dota 2 . Civ 5 . Darksouls. so more or less Games with some action & a bit of micro management gimmick to then Referral: None. Found this outfit after having played a tiny bit of planetside & when i was done reading the newbie guides, I decided to look at the grand outfit list and you guys seemed like some pretty swell folks, Why should you become a member: I like playing games with people & should you ever need a jolly guy to play combat medic and support you, then you know me now :) .
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