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  1. Oops, forgot about you in my app! Yeah I heard from Lite how that goes, but I am settled in some casual guild at the moment so I'm contempt. Maybe next expansion we get something going again ;)
  2. Cheers guys! I'll have a poke around and be on Mumble from time to time for some Rocket League ;) One day, Fuzz! Would help I get a job and a car first :D
  3. Hello members of Digital Legion! Real name: Ruben van Kampen Gaming name: Gears (most shooters) or Solist (MMORPG) Location: Dutch nationality, but currently living in the UK Age: 23 Games played: Battlefield series (bar BF1942), WoW, LoL, some CoD, bit of ARMA3 and various other games for short periods. Currently active in WoW mostly. Referral: Lite and probably Fuzz. Then again Fuzz might get a heart attack if he sees this. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm hoping to make friends and catch up with a few old ones here in Digital Legion. I get the feeling that Digital Legion has that perfect balance between casual and competitive play, and I hope to find many like-minded people in this community. I play games to play with other people, that is what I enjoy the most. P.S.: Fuzz, I'm in the UK now. You better watch out buddy!
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