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  1. Awesome, thank you... Hoping to put some hours into Rocket League this weekend, looking forward to getting to know everyone..
  2. Real name: Gary Lane Gaming name: g.lane_27 Location: Swansea Age: 27 Games played: Rocket League, Team Fortress, Kung Fury, Mafia, Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, GTA, F1, Mario Karts, Golden Eye Referral: Steff Rees and Tipner, South Wales Recruitment Drive Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Played with some of the lads the other night on Rocket League, was a great laugh, and had my first LAN in Steff's house recently, which was pretty emotional to be honest, enough said. *edit* just seen Orford11's application form, and Rambonuts' comment, I am the Moroccan brother from another mother btw.... *edit* but not actually Moroccan :)
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