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  1. Cool, I'll get on that when I've got the internet up and running (Monday, if everything goes to plan) Cheers :)
  2. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here, but what is Discord? Feel free to shame-bash me.
  3. Might have to join the WoW guild when Legion comes out :) Looking forward to playing that! Still waiting for my internet to be set up in the new house so might have to wait until the weekend to join in on anything. I'll definitely be smashing out plenty of No Man's Sky if anyone is interested. I wouldn't so much call Zibber a friend, more like a commodity.. Something akin to a beloved household toaster.
  4. Real name: Craig Gaming name: Reafdaw \ Goedendaw Location: UK \ South-east Age: 22 Games played: Warhammer 40k, MtG, WoW, FF14, No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, PS2 - Anything that tickles my fancy Referral: Ziberous Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: 90% - Ziberous bullied me into it because he's a terrible person, 10% - As much as I enjoy my single player games (Total War, Oblivion, really anything with swords and magic), I've always enjoyed playing big, multiplayer games as part of a community. I used to do a lot of team gaming with a group of friends, mainly games like Dota 2 and Battlefield, and those days were fantastic. Getting proper in to the game and immersing yourself in doing the not dying is pretty damn fun as it turns out. We slowly stopped doing the big sessions once everyone actually started to have responsibilities (damnit), and I've not really been part of a big community since. Myself and Ziberous talk a lot about gaming - whilst we work, obviously - and it's got me thinking that I would really enjoy being part of a gaming community again.
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