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  1. Hiya folks Sitrie let me know I should say allo on here. Was told to mention Hel and Poag as-well :P I'm Silvertears guild leader of the Self Preservation Society that some of you guys have join in WoW. Figure be good to be on here as-well so can engage a bit more outside of game too :) Been gaming on WoW since the EU release play some other games like division at times but mostly stick with single player or the blizzard games as wow takes up alot of my time so tend to keep away from other progression games like it and keep to quick and easy drop in and out types like D3 / HS. Not sure what else to say been gaming for 21 years in various games over the years started on Diablo with community based stuff, swapping into Everquest for mmo addiction to start up not looked back since :) Hopefully see some of you in game soon Greetings and farewells :)
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