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Found 4 results

  1. Fancy yourself some lane-pushin' action? SMITE is double the fun this weekend, with double favour & free gems. Go join the Pantheon of the Gods here!
  2. Real name: James Gaming name: Jarob22 Location: UK, England Age: 22 Games played: WoW, Dota 2 and Smite are the current games I am playing. I have way too many games that I have played to list :P Referral: Was recommended by "TotalDestruction1" from Reddit who seems to be one of your members Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I am mature, fun, play well with others and just all-round enjoy gaming. This is not a hardcore/semi-hardcore app, purely casual smite play (though as I get better I won't mind playing a few games of ranked here and there of course). This does mean that I am looking for you to accept someone who may or may not be on more than a couple times a week. Cheers, looking forward to talking to you soon! Jarob22
  3. Application for Smite Real name: Sebastian Gaming name: Antiqill Location: Denmark Age: 22 Games played: I have played alot of game. Most FPS's. But played Smite for awhile. Also played LoL Referral: Saw a post on reddit. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? Im kinda lonely in the smite universe and i just want to evolve as a Smite player with other friendly sould. Im a down to earth guy, who just wants to become a better player. And i think i can find some friendly players in your community :).
  4. Hello! Heard from you in reddi/r/smiteLFM, I'm a friendly player from sweden who is looking for people that can help me evolve as a player. My Real name is Jonas Walheim, and my smite account name is Walheim95, ingame name is Baahl! Hit me up if you wan't to play or ask questions about me beforehand! Alright, have a good one.
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