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Application for Shamra (Wildstar)

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Real name: Mike
Gaming name: Shamra in Wildstar (PROJECT everywhere else)
Age: 25
Games played: Wildstar
Referral: Guildex
Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?:

I main a healer Medic, and am looking for a guild to PvP with mainly, will do some of the endgame PvE if needed.

I think I would be valuable from an in game perspective, and just like to take part in whatever's being talked about on Mumble. I work from home, so play often, I'm a very active gamer looking for a new group of friends on my new favorite game.


I'm a mod developer, I created the original

, as well as contributing to some similar mods in Wildstar.


Not gonna lie, I just want competent people to PvP with, in return, you will get a very experienced and skilled gamer, making sure you stay alive long enough to do what you gotta do.

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Welcome Shamra


Glad you found us we do seem to to have quite a healthy split of pvpers and pve's so there should always be someone running some kind of bg :)


You're marked as a Triallist for the first few weeks whilst we get to know you, after this period an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on.

Please feel free to browse and post in the forums, and dont forget to jump onto Mumble voice server as it's probably the quickest way of getting hold of someone to get an invite to the outfit. You can also Contact, Vorak, Vale Thandrior, Gukek, Gizmonaut, Lovepuff, beany

I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on the forums, in mumble and in game. At least while we get to know you. It's proving hard to get to know people otherwise!

Other than that please make yourself at home and  welcome to dl*

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