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Hello, Again!

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Hello Legionnaires, Melvyn here! 


I first joined dl* a few years ago but fell out of touch after an altercation or two with a certain ex-DL member. Well, Tipner managed to convince me to rejoin and bring with me a few of my cohort, Storro and Fairzz!


You'll probably find us playing League as our staple game most of the time, but we do branch out into a lot of games.

The games I'm personally playing a lot of at the minute are; LoL, WoW, HotS, Rust, Ark, Darkest Dungeon, CS:GO and Minecraft.

I'm a big fan of survival/sandbox/crafty games and MOBAs, and am extremely hyped and salted for Overwatch!


Also experienced in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 & 5th editions, I play a mean Cleric and don't mind DMing should the occassion arise!


If you want to have a game or smash some shit up, catch me on:


League - Melvyn, Battle.net - BestMelvynEU#2351 or Steam - Best Melvyn EU


Lastly, I do have my own YouTube channel, where I upload edits of various games and other silliness! Me on YouTube!


Thanks for popping by, and hope to play together soon!

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Welcome back :)


Curious who the ex-dl'er was now :P

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