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Welcome to the new Digital Legion Website!

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Hello everybody and welcome to the brand new Digital Legion Website!


I'd like to take a couple of minutes of your time to explain the new features of this website to you, so that you can get the most out of your time here!


First and foremost, this site is far more social than our old one - first thing to notice - your own status, this can be accessed via your profile page, the homepage and also quickly at any time, by clicking your username top right. This allows you to quickly make a statement to the rest of the community that will show up on your own profile and also on the homepage of the site.


Consider this similar to a Facebook or Battlelog status update; this is a great way to quickly let the community know what you are upto - what you have to say may not require it's own topic in the forums or you might find the shoutbox is too active to get the message across - this is the perfect compromise!


In addition to the new status feeds, members are able to like forum posts - this gives the user rep on the forum. You can also follow any topic, which allows them to recieve notifications when anyone posts a reply.


Next on the list is the Mumble module, reskinned from our last website but re-written to work with this new forum, all credit goes to Matt on this one - he's done a superb job making it work!


The shoutbox makes a triumphant return, this time integrated into the forums so you can wave goodbye to spam once and for all! Only verified members of Digital Legion can post in it - meaning that bots (if they are able to register at all) will be unable to bother us with spam messages!


Both of these modules for the first time in DL* history make an appearance in the forums - it's never been easier to see who is in game and who is talking!


Another new addition for DL* in 2012 is the Steam Activity Module, which shows at-a-glance, who is online via their steam account and what, if anything, they are playing! Make sure to Join the Digital Legion steam group to ensure you are included in this module.


Personal messages are far more powerful than on the previous forum, with the ability to send group messages to multiple members and have them take part in the conversation at the same time.

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